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Try Qigong

An Ancient Practice Supporting You Physically & Emotionally

Try Qigong. An ancient practice that supports your physical and emotional well-being - via movement, breath and meditation.

Enjoy a practice that focuses on improving the flow of your energy whilst providing a sense of calm and healing. Connect and align with your qi - the vitality of life. 


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Check the class schedule for an enriching experience.

Side effects include:

Improvements to movement and flexibility, sleep, energy, digestion and balance.

Simple beautiful fun.

Why I Practice


I love the flow, peace, and joy of moving. Being part of something which is bigger than me - rooted in such profound wisdom and tradition. I love exploring and connecting to my own energy and to that which surrounds me.

I teach as I want to empower people to support and experience change in their own health - whatever level, whatever age they are - that is the beauty of this practice.


Qigong classes are offered in-person (Melbourne based) and online.

Please see schedule to book.

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